Mountinridge’s Zambezi
Sire: CH Priderock’s Sword in the Stone
Dam: GCH Mountinridge’s Etosha Too CGN
Whelped: April 13, 2019


Mountainridge’s Zambezi – “Busy Bezi” in life, as she is into everything and tries to get the other dogs to play with her all the time. Now nearly three years old, during her first year she did very well in the conformation ring but this trajectory was, of course, stopped by Covid. She shows promise in the agility ring except she is so fast Diana cannot keep up with her! She can be very deaf at times and is capable of ignoring her humans when anything else is interesting. Obedience training continues………

Pedigree of “Bezi”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: CH Priderock’s Sword in the Stone Tifari’s All Eyes On Me Triggerhill’s Western Adventure
Tifari’s All Ryled Up
GCH Priderock’s Maeve of Mobukosi Priderock’s Magellan
Primetime Raizuli Anything But Innocent
DAM: GCH Mountinridge’s Etosha Too CGN CH Sarjo’s Hluhluwe Ridgeville’s Sir Walter Scott
Sarjo Djibouti Bedlam
GCH Mountinridge’s Ulsaba Shambatvuku Shem
Mountinridge Mkuzi